Be an IAS in first attempt

Civil Services Examination is a world of biggest challenges and opportunities. Those of you who wish to be an IAS are chosen few decision makers. The vast pool of youth aspiring to be an IAS has one thing in common. Everyone wants to know the secret formula for grand success in Civil Services Examination. Everyone has hidden desire to decode the secret of being IAS in first attempt.
Here is that secret. Anyone who cracks the Civil Services Examination does it in only one attempt. No one is successful with addition of more than one attempt. Now you may consider this statement illogical. UPSC allows every candidate to appear multiple times for Civil Services Examination. Most of the students take multiple attempts to become an IAS.
Then why am I saying that everyone becomes IAS in only one attempt? Here is the answer.
You can be successful if and only if you are totally prepared to crack Civil Services Examination. When your preparation exceeds the hidden threshold set by UPSC then you are one amongst the successful. Merely appearing for the examination without knowing the strength of preparation lead to multiple attempts. If you are in a hurry to be an IAS in shortest route then you are on wrong path. There is no shortest way to become an IAS.
Just make sure that you are completely ready to hit the anvil at right time. Every partially prepared attempt is always less the complete one attempt. Do not fall in vicious cycle of partial attempts.
Become whole and be an IAS in first attempt.

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